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Chauvet Ovation Min-E-10WW LEDs






Phoenix LED Profile Spots are state of the art luminaries in function, style, and efficiency. These Profile Spots have been designed and engineered with a number of innovative details and features enhancing versatility and efficiency without sacrificing performance. The Phoenix LED is available in multiple LED choices: a 150w convection cooled (no fans) option and a long throw 250 watt version. Both versions offer RGBA, RGBW, 3000k and 5600k LED array options. Fully locking shutters and a 360° rotating barrel help keep the artistic part of your fixture's focus intact and easy to attain, and with virtually no light leak from the fixture itself you won’t have to worry about any extra light illuminating unwanted parts of the ceiling. The aesthetic appearance and ergonomically designed function controls only add to the appeal. All of these new and innovative options are what makes the Phoenix LED Profile Spot ideal for theatres, Special Events, television studios, or wherever superior, energy efficient lighting performances are required.



ETC Nomad Puck

Lighting control wherever you want to go

Hopping from gig to gig and can't bring your console with you? Doing the lighting in a theater whose desk has seen better days? That's where Nomad™ control comes in. Small enough to fit on your keychain, Nomad plugs into your computer and opens up the power of both Cobalt® and Eos®/Element™ software, so you can program and run shows anywhere.

Nomad can serve as a primary controller, a backup or a client device - or work offline entirely - operating on either a PC platform running Microsoft Windows® 7/8, or natively on a Mac (Intel processor) running OS X (Mavericks). When it's a primary or a backup, Nomad's system output equals that of the device with the lowest number of outputs. When it's a client, Nomad's output capacity is ignored.

There are five output counts to choose from: the Nomad 2048 (four universes), and the field-upgradable Nomad 256 (half universe), Nomad 512 (one universe), Nomad 1024 (two universes) and Nomad 1536 (three universes). Nomad communicates via Ethernet-based lighting protocols Net3™/ACN/sACN and ArtNet, or with the ETC Gadget™ USB-to-DMX converter (at this time, Nomad supports only one connected Gadget). RDM is supported via Net3 Gateways.

Cognito Lighting Console


The CognitoTM console solves the complex task of programming shows for systems that include incandescent dimmers, moving lights and color changing LED fixtures. Cognito is network-ready and features a streamlined user interface to guide you through the process of selecting lights, adjusting their attributes, and recording reference libraries, memories and cues. Once programmed, the show is played back manually or with sequenced playlists.


SHoW DMX SHoW Baby® 5

The ultimate simplicity of plug and play with the power of SHoW DMX Neo® Technology.

SHoW DMX SHoW Baby 5 is incredibly easy to use and incredibly affordable, while still offering the quality and advanced features of SHoW DMX Neo technology, so SHoW DMX SHoW Baby 5 is perfect for the venue or performance where a full featured SHoW DMX system might be too sophisticated or too costly.

The SHoW DMX SHoW Baby 5 represents a breakthrough in plug-and-play wireless DMX and RDM transmission - a single unit that can be used either as a wireless DMX Transmitter or Receiver.  Set-up couldn’t be simpler with SHoW DMX SHoW Baby’s instant plug-and-play configuration: For a Transmitter, connect DMX IN, for a Receiver, don’t.

If there are two SHoW Baby systems in an area, or if a user needs to scale up a multi-universe system by adding additional Transmitters, he needs only to select a different color of Data/ID light. 

 All SHoW Babys are still compatible with the full SHoW DMX Neo system and can be used as receivers on that system

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